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Da du dies hier liest, hast du die Seite gefunen! Erstaunlicherweise gibt es drei Möglichkeiten um hierherzugelangen. Wenn du auf einen der folgenden Links klickst, kommst du immer hierher zuruück.

Alles drei sind Links in HTML oder auch als URL (Uniform Resource Locator) bekannt. Die NOC Leute haben mir gesagt, dass der Web Server so konfiguriert ist, dass auch die alten URLs (die ersten beiden in obiger Liste) an den richtigen Ort führen. Ich ziehe die letzte Variante vor, weil sie leicht zu merken ist und diesen Index - der übrignes ein wenig Design vertragen könnte - hat.

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My homepage ::deutsch::

Links and URLs

Since you read this, you found it! Amazingly there are three ways to get here. If you click on any of the following three links you will always get back to this page here.

All of the above are links in HTML and also known as URLs (Uniform Resource Locators). The NOC people told me that the web server is configured so that the old URLs (the first two in the list) will lead to the correct location. I prefer the last one because it's easy to remember and it has this index (that could use some design, but it works). The cool things is also that doe is not my username here at! So unlike the formerly used ~username links to reach peoples homepages this one does not reveal my username to the public and keeps my fairly untouched by SPAM.

Location of data

As you might have guessed, all the files you can see here reside on in the /home/users/doe/ folder. I use different methods to update my homepage, depending from where I work.

Using FTP

Quite rarely I use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to update files here (mainly when I am at work where our firewall blocks SSH/SCP!). My settings for FTP go like this:

Host / IP / URL / Server:
remote start folder: /users/doe/
username: johndoe
password: SECRET

Using FTPS

I do not like to use FTP anymore since someone told me that my password can easily be sniffed when my program sends it to Therefor I started using FTPS (FTP Secure) whenever I can. Everything works as in FTP except that all the data is transfered encrypted. Even my username and password! So no more sniffing. The settings are the same as for FTP above by the way.


Another cool service to use that also works with encryption is SCP (SecureCoPy), also known as SFTP (SecureFTP. There is only one difference compared to FTP:

remote start folder: /home/users/doe/

It has something to do with different software answering FTP or SCP requests on, but honestly, I don't realy care about the details.

Using SSH

Usually I edit files on my homepage by loging into using SSH and then editing the files right there. See my Login page for details, tips and tricks.

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