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HEND´L GOES CHIM CON CUT                             PROJECT-SUMMARY                                                              NUOC MAM BUAM      foschi/reichl/zehner           

the project group nuoc nam boys formerly located in austria is to initiate the project hend`l goes cim con cut in saigon/vietnam to establish the forumWorldWildWorld there.

we, the nuoc nam boys, are three boys, dislike-being-architects and low-culture-surfer:
andreas reichl(linz/graz)+peter foschi(linz/graz), both from the office „ulrike+marion“-graz, and gerhard zehner(berlin/graz)alias casper at the noise-space-collective“schlauch“-graz.
what they they all have in common is a prefernce for nuoc nam-a penetrantly smelling, concentrated, vietnamese basic-spice paste made of fermented fish.

the objective of the project is to establish a basic-station for eastern/western (sub)culture exchange in a rudimentary sense (chicken against wachteln) between-preliminary-austria and preliminary-vietnam, aiming to intermediate between socio-cultural, individual+collective ways of thinking and acting, which manifest themselves in writing, image, language, sound, body etc.

for this purpose we will rent a business location with the possibility of enlargment to the street in the center of saigon and equip the latter as a public place for events („inn“) and a place for work.
this so-called forum world wild world will be equipped with the appropriate infrastructure - telecommunication (internet), tapes and videos and led by us as a public institution. 

as a first step forum www will be established as a kind of typical austrian inn: 
furnished with the austrian flag, federal eagle, gallery of ancestral portraits and balkony plants,knights armour,antlers,hunting trophies and mozart-balls we will board the people of saigon offering typical austrian meals.
furnishing will be completed by home country-,sport, and children movies, by elaborates of valie export,bruhs mühl,schwarzkogler and others
acustic supplements by folkloristic songs, mego, sabotage,wipe out etc

futher steps in saigon:

- looking after and exchange with interested inhabitants of saigon ( e.g. network-and media work)
- events of inhabitants of saigon
- collecting images, sounds, objects etc
- exchange (e.g. via internet) with institutions in austria, such as:
 vietnamese embassedy in vienna/ forum stadtpark, artists associations esc+fonds-graz/stadtwerkstatt+ars electronica-linz/ wuk+fm4+mego-wien etc
- presentation of results

timetable of the project:

starting mid of march 97 at least for three months, extensions depend on additional financial support and social and political acceptance. 

the project is a privat initiative of the nuoc mam boys and is currently financially supported by the austrian ministry for culture (ats 100.000.-) and by the foreign department (costs of flight-and transport of goods).
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