monobond is the works of kasper bolding rasmussen. he has been involved in the music business since 1992, but didnt start composing electronic derived music until late 1995. since then he operated under several aliases and covered a lot of different genres this enviroment where computers, sequencers, synthesizers, and drum machines play the major role in the contruction of the music. he originally started out as a guitar player, eventually putting more focus on the keys of a synthesizer instead. in the years 1995-2002 he managed to build a studio in which nearly all his tracks has been composed, produced, and performed. his growing interest in the electronic genre made him launch a record label. mindwerk records, for industrial and ebm in early 1998 with school friend, orpheus. late 1999 he started his second label, pale_mother recordings, which became a daughter label to mindwerk. this label was only dealing with the more extreme and experimental nature of electronics; noise. slowly, pale_mother grew to be quite a label, doing distribution for several other records labels, and to have releases from pale_mother recodings distributed by noise record labels around the world. then, about 3 months ago, he pulled out of mindwerk records and left orpheus as executive manager in order to focus more on pale_mother recordings and his new label for glitch, clicks, minimal, syntheticwaste.

monobond - terrón repath 7" (pale_mother)
monobond - thitles 3" cdr (pale_mother)
monobond - atom infant cdr (pale_mother)
monobond/every kid on speed - 2:30 split card cdr (acid waste)

chaos disassembler vol 1 (n0-age)
acid fake 03 (acid fake)
monobond - vibra (acid fake)
monobobd - loopC mp3 ep (

web: - voicepool.mp3
ellis one - power electronics
ö'dem - fragile and weird electronica
nhile - abstract electronica
medicinal smell - electro acoustic music