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sorry i haven't responded, i've been away a few days...i've been remixing a
Soul-Junk tune from 1957 for Mike Kaufmann, RubY Doomsday to be exact...

i'll put something photographic in the post tomorrow...

i am 25 yrs old...veteran as well as current member in no particular order
of: the peaceniks, the w.o.m.b.a.t.s., trash generation, whiskeyjacket,
looproad, esp/dsp, the fever plus others i've blocked out or forgotten...

childhood in cleveland, ohio, adolescence (sp?) in arapahoe, north carolina,
college @ unc-chapel hill, multiple tours of duty in the pizza shacks around
north carolina...

actually, i know this gril julia that's a freelance rock-writer, she's a
friend of mine, she could probably give me a pretty cool little write-up.
i'm pretty self critical, really. she's been down from day one as far as my
live. solo work is concerned. she would probably be able to give me
something perfectly verbose like byron coley does for sonic youth...

stay tuned...


p.s. how is the punk scene in skopje? i read about this band called called
FPO, supposedly straight-edge, i'm not straight-edge or anything, but at
least in america we don't hear about much good, grass-roots, non-commercial
music from the continent very often. for that matter, most people in my
circles have a pretty much new york/l.a. mentality only. and these are
pretty hip, artistic, intellectual people...my most current punk type band
is the afore-mentioned peaceniks. i'll send you some of our cdr singles and

acidfaketrax (acid fake)