va - tracks and fields (kill rock stars)

‘tracks and fields’ is latest kill rock stars compilation. it’s follow up to the 2002 compilation ‘fields and streams’ and collects 43 previously unreleased tracks by bands that krs loves and release by now. this is second of three compilations that will appear as trilogy in the spirit of original kill rock stars/stars kill rock/rock stars kill trilogy of the 90’s. on this issue of comp series can be found so many different names (some of them really notable), and find so many variations of guitar styles. but that’s not all. on first cd in between mellow jazzy variations of his name is alive and early 90’s rock sound of superchunk, you can find pure punk energy from gas huffer and untouched 80’s new wave electro by the capricorns. acoustic moments are provided by cynthia dall, emotional by lovers and experimental by xiu xiu. gravi train!!! offers another beautiful and clean 80’s new wave electro punk and jucifer, their hard track played live. worth mentioning are also tracks by the king cobra, which covers well known track ‘this town ain’t big enough for both of us by sparks; and track by semiautomatic in which they experiment with old fashioned new wave/post punk. second cd again, gives us a mixture of names and sounds. it starts with completely lo-fi recording by shoplifting and continues with melodic college rock by biography of ferns. radio berlin are trying to mess up with psychedelic disco punk; slumber party with fine electro and sleetmute nightmute with noise/hardcore variations. on this compilation can be also found rarities as ‘industrial noise blues’ by male slut, project consisted of thurston moore, jim o’rourke, steve sheely and lee ranaldo. this song, that’s about lou reed, iggy pop, patty smith and joe ramone, after that has been recorded a bit more professionally as a sonic youth forthcoming thing. next few noticeable tracks that follow and closes the comp (laudably) are: nedelle with her acoustic piece and angel voice; sahara hotnights with old school surf punk rock; sweet heat with their new york garage sound, c average with long metal/noise/hardcore like track, dead meadow with psychedelic acoustics and at the very own end the decemberist with their calm, melodic, melancholic, no depression alt country. tracks and fields is not just another boring rock compilation that you can’t allow to listen whole. it offers interesting bands, songs, vide range of styles, combinations, experimentations, live tracks, demos, versions… that keeps you listening lustily till its end, in its total running time of two and a half hours. comp is provided with excellent cover designed in 80’s style and photography by (beautiful) models (anna and jerry) with 80’s styling (design and photography by fon-lin neu). third of this comp series will be out in 2005 or 2006 and will be called ‘roads and tracks’. waiting for it.