va – noise and the city (autres directions in music)

i’ll remind you of something i’ve mentioned this before when reviewing previous releases on this label - autres direction is first of all, an eclectic label. the sound they release is often some electronic pop, with mellow guitar flows, alt country sensibility and ambiental streams… this is also one of those releases that combine some of these directions. but the difference we have here is that it is, above all, a highly conceptual release. so, what is it all about? noise and the city is a compilation where artists from different cities, from various countries around the world, asked to revisit their daily environment, record sounds from urban environments of their cities and than reprocess that material as much as they want to, into music without using any rhythm or melody and still manage to remind us of the sound they regularly produce. that means making a field recording of a sound that we usually do not notice while listening to it during our daily dwelling in the city. this compilation is about the connection between the city and electronic music. about fascination with urban zones, urban soundscapes, sounds that you can hear while traveling, living or just passing through the city. here you can find various soundscapes, or rather urbanscapes, from thirty various cities setting off from lorient – france, passing through cologne- germany, moscow – russia, montréal – canada… and stopping in nantes again in france, everything interpreted, seen and recorded by thirty various artists such as depth affect, novel23, tim koch, coin gutter, sogar… these sounds are also supported with a picture from a part of their city they like for its acoustic value and a text on the genesis of the piece. very interesting, inventive and original concept of presenting interesting, inventive and original sounds, environments and atmospheres that we usually ignore.