va - muting the noise (innervisions)

innervisions is a berlin based house label run by ame & dixon. the quality of releases from artists like chateau flight, stefan goldmann, henrik schwarz, atjazz, tokyo black star, marcus worgull and of course ame themselves was setting a new standard in house music. after lots of dance releases they tried to make something different in sound but still deeply rooted into the dancefloor culture. its more than obvious that the 12inch market and culture are focused on dancefloors and new music consumers already forgot that at the beginning of the 90s it was normal to have ambient floor on every bigger techno event. all this somehow faded into the new cultural activities but this compilation release is actually inspired by this process. also the owner’s visit of tokyo was influential for this idea. there they felt the hectic atmosphere of a city which even though crammed with people and cars is quiet. muting the noises! some artists and friends were invited with intention to make a track inspired by all this, and the result is in front of us including exclusive ambient tracks from the likes of terre thaemlitz, henrik schwarz, karma, ame, kuniyuki, kammerflimmer kollektief and even klaus schulze one of pioneers of electronic music… the music is carefully put together. tracks are more or less equal in their style. from ambient layers combined with slow broken or deep rhythm (terre thaemlitz, koss…), to calm jazzy atmosphere with subtle vocals (kammerflimmer kollektief).. most tracks move on in a slow pace, paying attention to atmosphere and mood. so put this album on repeat and take yr trip through the nostalgia of early rave parties. (td)