t.raumschmiere - random noize sessions vol.1 (shitkatapult)

we know marco haas aka t.raumschmiere with his electro-punk oriented music that he plays by himself or with his band (i had a chance to see the band playing live at the dis-patch festival in belgrade). he also releases different kinds of music in various interesting styles on his label shitkatapult, from the artists: napoli is not nepal, apparat, hakan lidbo, etc. but what i haven't heard much of is the quieter atmospheric-ambient side of t.raumschmiere's music (the sound of his album 'anti' on hefty records), the sound that is mostly featured on this release. marco haas likes his ambient to be dark, but this release is not only about pure ambient music. one track is very much in the manners of minimal(-techno) music (that can be played by djs in the calmer part of the partying night) and few of the tracks are rhythmical in a pan sonic way, in the approach being close to the sound and music of the duo from finland. not too lengthy with almost 45 minutes and varied enough, it's a nice dark album with a rhythmical atmosphere of it's own, ending with a part of t.raumschmiere's more experimental-ambient live set and an applause at the end. as fans would probably like to say or notice - pure sick musick at its best... (br)