phillip sollmann – something is missing (dial)

i follow dial records as it is one of my favorite house labels. i didn’t expect this kind of album, knowing them from their previous singles and their deep cologne house sound. recently i also heard a previous album on dial, an album by dominique which also differs in sound from their previous releases but ‘something is missing’ is completely different from that too. anyway, as we can see from this, dial is another open minded label that does not cares what style it releases, but releases everything that is quality. according to that you can always trust them. but of course that is valid only for open minded listeners that can listen to varied directions in experimental music, no matter if it is dance or ambient. this release is a completely calm and ambient piece, or more precisely, drone. it is the first conceptual album by artist phillip sollmann. his previous work includes a couple singles on dial (as well as his label tobin) under name efdemin, producing detroit influenced slow and noisy minimal techno that matches their dance perspective. this last two years he was working on this conceptual piece that is a result of thinking on a theory of sound and space, as well ideas of music related to space. the result is shaped into this static, drone, cyclical sound which can be well described with these following words: dry as a desert, static as a lake, soft as the wind and close as a whisper. as we can see, nothing is strange these days.