rumpistol – mere rum (rump)

but than again… i’m not speaking about one of those ~scape compilations but just using this phrase under the context that again we have a rump recordings release and this time it’s the second album of its owner rumpistol. his first album and their compilation rump comp volume one have already determined the labels sound which is around pop, idm oriented electronica with dubby influences. this release by jens berents christiansen aka rumpistol is also around that sound, this time even more into dubby sound instead of boring pop-y electronics, which is of course, good. more challenging and fresh… deep and structured... melancholic and warm melodies are now processed in a context of dubby and experimental sound. of course electronics dominates the whole release but also many real instruments were played here, treated in an electronic way, giving the whole a very detailed look. rich, melodic but still experimental. this is new dub music at its purest.