pollyfonnik – pleasure (kjer)

i really like this feeling. when i put the cd in the drive, listen to no more than 2 minutes of a completely new release and already know that i like it. as the first minute of the second track passes (the first was an intro track) i know that i like the sound of this release despite never having heard anything from this artist and label or about them at all. ‘cup size’ is a real pop track, in some new pet shop boys manner including vocoded vocals. the second continues to follow that style. the fourth track is already pure pop with clear pop vocals and pure pop catchy lyrics. a couple of other tracks pass and this album remains pop. it’s becoming clear that whole album is pop, with melodic male vocals, pure pop mellow melodies and a calm rhythm. ‘take me to you paradise’ is the ultimate pop hit song, danceable with ultimately female melodic vocals and sugary chorus repeating: take me to you paradise/where everything is nice... maybe there is no another ultimate hit like this, but the rest of the tracks are very close, likewise the next track ‘whipped cream b (skit)’, that combines fine mainstream housey sound, male reciting that looks like mcing, female oldschool singing and love lyrics. then you start paying attention to the next track. and next… and a couple of more tracks that are worthy of yr attention (‘the coffee song’, ‘ baby jane’, ‘nice’, ‘peek-a-boo’, ‘ciao’). maybe you should hear whole album that continues with its pop sensibility, combining melodic male/female vocals, weird melodies, clear lyrics, housey like rhythm, mainstream elements... reminding of some old movie soundtrack. it is full of fine, lucid, contemporary, melodic, potent pop tracks. you can also read and sing the lyrics that are included on its cover with a cute design. the whole album has quite a sense of humor. something which in some cases is not so funny here is so precisely dosed that it gives off a really cute impression. sometimes it’s fine to chill out with such an album even if you are not an admirer of such sound.