opak – two sleepwalkers on a tight-rope (creaked)

this is creaked fourth release and it’s signed by duo arnauld sponsar and julien grandjean joined under name opak. as i got idea about this label from their previous releases their sound is fusion between rock music with experimental moments and electronic production. blend that opak puts together on this release is somewhere around. electronic instruments and classic rock approach mixed into contemporary 21 century flavor. a bit lounge atmosphere, scratching, broken rhythms, melodic bass lines… are other eclectic achieves of this release. jazzy drums are combined with samples, tapes, dictaphones into hypnotic post rock atmosphere reminding of best chicago and thrill jockey attitude. their solid sound structure is built up from real instruments energy supported with guitar drones, tons of samples, ambient sdoundscapes and periodical sudden glitches… accomplishing strong but relaxing totality. their live acts are also featured with visual projections provided by thanassis fouradoulas giving complete multimedia experience. it is probably a must see live act.