<<o>> – nummero 0 (antenna)

<<o>> is an enigmatic french minimalist duo or ‘orchestra non orchestra’ that is inspired by archaeology, plastic arts and poetry, and they are making music that they ironically like to call not music. not music because they like listeners to be the only artists involved in it and to turn it into ‘real’ music. and what is their music like? their music speaks for itself and for themselves. it is noisy but calm. acoustic and electric. improvised and played. but at the end they never hide the chaos behind music. this album which seems as a collection of tracks but it is exactly one track, beginning with classic noise that than turns into some spanish melody. acoustic and electric guitars are crushing into that eclectic atmosphere making the chaos complete. some weird improvised melody comes out of one of speakers and distorted guitar sound is coming from the other. and it is like that all the way to the last track or last piece from this long track. we can define this as improv music but this whole childish approach into it is turning me back from this definition. anyway i respect their approach and their music gives me nice listening pleasure.