mount washington – s/t (reify)

with this release reify recordings are starting with their work, releasing new, experimental, acoustic, improvised music, also making definition of the sound that they will care for in the future. ‘mount washington’ is collaboration recording document of once-in-a-lifetime recoding session done by eight improvisers from four countries on the eve of line space line festival of improvised music 2003 at painter patric wilson’s los angeles home. behind mount washington project you can find whole ensemble of well or lesser known improvisers from improv scene like: martin blume (percussion), jeremy drake (amplified acoustic guitar), tucker dulin (trombone), wolfgang fuchs (soprano saxophone, bass clarinet, contrabass, clarinet), chris heenan (alto sax, bass clarinet), anne lebaron (harp), torsten muller (contrabass), philipp wachsmann (violin and electronics). the result of this meeting and recording session is cacophony of various sounds and instruments structured into chaotic, incoherent mess, placed in seven longer improvisational tracks. focused on the character of combining the instruments without order and limits this whole sound exploration gives completely pure feeling of compactness, naturalness and depth. so this first-time meeting of this unique all-star improvising large ensemble cause with good result.