hakan lidbo: 06. 10. 60 (mitek)

Swedish music scene in this moment is really odd and interesting thing for exploring. Everything begins from this label Mitek that has just 6 releases by now. Despite they are quantitative little; qualitative they are outrunning many labels that have hundreds of releases. From here comes Andreas Tilliander aka Mokira (mille plateaux, raster noton), Folie aka Stefan Thor, Andreas Berthling, normally the owner of this label himself Mikael Stavostrand (force inc.) and new hope of this Swedish minimal-techno scene Claudia Bonnarelli (komplott, no type), which artists are building this scene that takes more wider dimensions in quality and quantity. Their fifth release is album 06.10.60 which formula doesn't mean nothing than: 6 tracks in lenth of 10 minutes that makes 60 minutes. And all that mixed or more exact its totality divided in 6 parts. Hakan Lidbo is one of the most prolific electronic, dancefloor or artists at all. He has over 60, 70 maybe 100 releases for different labels from Paper, Tresor, Estereo, Audio Beyond, Ray Gun, Loaded to Worship, April and Aesoteric. But what differs him from common hiperproductivity is his quality that glows from each of his releases. 06. 10. 60 is special experience. Minimal-tech-funk by definition in which are contained intelligent minimalistic dancefloor beats and ambient glitch soundscape, that are connected in techno glitch. Sixty minute drive that is precisely between dancefloor and home listening, that will not satisfy you and that will not show any signs of boredom. It will be fine if u put this album on repeat and put it in function of your life background. Excited, inventive record that fits into miteks concept in which Lidbo explores sounds and moods thru brilliant technical skill and fresh production ideas with which only proves that is one of essential producers in Swedish electronic music scene and confirms my concept of expansion of Swedish minimal electronic scene.