kid 606 - kill sound before soud kills you (romz)

what a crazy album. it starts and you already know that. break core, drill, acid, raga, gabber, jungle... all of that in a completely twisted outcome completely mixed up with one another. you canít tell when one style starts, when itís finished, or when the next one starts. totally experimental and yet very funky. powerful, yet quite cheerful, resembles atari teenage riot, yet more emotional than ideological. maybe the atmosphere does bring panacea or rich kid to mind, but this time beside being as powerful it is also more eclectic. our kid, kid 606 is famous for his multiple faces, and here he presents himself with a completely danceable vision, in which the dance appearance is much more hard core. the sound is also quite hard and rather noisy. and this time fatal. all of that driven under the definition of kill sound before sound kills you. in any case you must do that...unless you donít... youíll be killed. anyway, the choice is yours.