gert-jan prins – risk (mego)

gert-jan prins comes with a serious musical background, starting off as a rock drummer, continuing as an improviser creating self made electronic machines in the middle of the 90-ties. his career includes serious collaborations with artists such as e-rax, the flirts, mimeo, vacuum boys, and he’s also played with lee ranaldo, fennesz, pita... all the above mentioned artists have created something important for the development and originality of electronic music. but the noise sound lately has a tendency to repeat itself, repeating it’s own cliches. not many are able to get among originality in the sound. this release is one of those that avoid the cliché. this is one of the greatest pieces of noise listened recently. it’s created inventively with a self developed electronic device while using a radio and transmietertchnology prins creates cut-up noise and glitch pieces that are repeated in different ways creating entirely short but noticeable tracks. sharp, strong and sudden outbreaks of noise, out of the silence turn into explosive sounds gaining somewhat rhythmical dimensions. only temporarily from the mixture of sounds, silence, radio hum and noise, short incomprehensible voices appear from some distant radio transmission to only remind that in all of that there is after all a human factor, not just machines. disturbing by nature, but yet makes a pleasant listen and not too loud either, risk is one of those noise releases that are supposed to be perceived and be taken in serious consideration.