jabom Ė inside the electric q (518)

the first time iím getting in touch with this label and this, as it seems, band. yes, itís a band consisted of: rob bass, mando mix, chaves, sergio, dmtz. when i saw the picture of the band i got the idea that itís some kind of a guitar oriented rock níroll band. but when i started playing the cd i changed my mind. on the first track called astronaut song, i heard some new wave, 80ís electro sound that continued in the rest of the release. it is quite an old school sound that reminds of 80ís new wave sound, subtle industrial moments and electro production. a sound that can be compared and that seems to be influenced by depeche mode, human league, duran duran, erasure, cabaret voltaire, front 242Ö and on the other hand it is made today, with a completely contemporary production of the new electro revival sound that many bands like client, goldfrapp, even miss kittin or hackerÖ seriously treat today. vocals are suggestive and deep at moments seriously reminding of depeche mode or even cure. so from all this we can easily see that all this is highly influenced and reminds of the whole mute scene from 80ís till today maybe even without the intention. they are just caught up in that period when the electro and new wave revival is popular and trendy. modern and highly appreciated.