hinterlandt - sitting, going places / karri o. - departures and arrivals (abflug)

this is a release by a really interesting label that is appearing with its unconventional concept. their intention is to merge two not so incompatible aspects of art. music dimension from one side and video perspective of music from other side. they are calling it aural and visual part. this time aural part is given by german artist hinterlandt aka jochen gutsch, whose musical history includes classical trumpet, noise guitar and math rock. this time he is appearing with 4 longer, completely electronic soundscapes that are representing 4 plane rides to different destinations in the world. trip to taiwan is quite experimental and noisy in contrast with oslo trip that starts with speech, continues with ambiental drive and then morphs into rhythmic danceable track. santiago is a really beautiful noisy melodic track that is closest to virtual trip, ending with fade slipping into another trip. trip to cologne. probably best sound description for trip to cologne. rhythmic core covered with experimental glitchy sounds, deconstructed vocals and piano parts.
visual part follows on other part of the cd as quick time video, this time signed by karri o., dj and artist that makes his debut release as video artist with departures and arrivals. airplanes and air transport is the main idea that passes through the video. the video consists of pictures and recordings of airplanes and airports, smoothly glued with his original pop electronic track.
from all this we can easily conclude that this release is about presenting the metaphor of airplane and air traveling through music and visuals that it is done very well. it's all about air transit.