harm stryker/to kill a petty bourgeoisie – split 7" (804 noise)

the second edition of the 804noise label of the 804noise richmond collective presents a 7” split single between harm stryker and to kill a petty bourgeoisie, bends from this collective that were on the first 804noise compilation. harm stryker, one of the most active politically and socially motivated projects in this collctive, on one side of this nicely designed 7” put a quiet, unnoticable, soft, transperent track named shutter, that throughout its repetitive existence has a tendency to fade out. an amorphous hit like a beat creating part of the founding construction. somewhere at the end of its repetitiveness there is a subtle noise in micro variation where it quietly ends as it started with a shutter. jehna wilhelm and mark mcgee or ‘to kill a petty bourgeoisie’ are on the other side of the split with ‘and their eyes were like flashing screens’. as with the richmond bend, they treat an experimental sound by combining electronics and acoustics. they achieve this also in “and their eyes were like flashing screens”, a track with calm deep ambient background above which there is the repetitive melody. in all this minimalism there are some distant sounds. calm, melodic, pleasant. seen as a whole in all its beauty and freshness of the sound, the inventiveness in the approach and contemporariness, this split shows another inventive side of the experimental and noise scene in general and specifically on the scene concentrated around the richmond collective. if they continue with such approach towards the experimenting and treatment of the sound i am looking forward to their following issues.