gintas k taip taip (zermoon)

im following gitas ks work with the years because he is in the acid fake recordings roster from its very own beginning, before he had some noticeable particular releases. and yes, his is one of fines lithuanian electronic artists. after that he putted much material on other labels around; and this is his 3 release on zeromoon. sound can be described as recognizable zeromoon sound, similar to what violet and zeromoon works. gintas k work is also recognizable and he is always moving in his own, very good established sound paths; of course varying in the sound from release to release as much as he could. high or low pitched sinewaves and static noise pads that vibrates around with glitchy or micronoise cracklings in them. last track which is longest (twelve minutes) shows his drone perspective. starting very calm with waving sound slowly grows into loud noisy drone flow, ending with loud harsh noise taking enormous dimensions. on moments ear piercing and static noisy, on moments very calm and melodic or even using amorphous blurry bass or beat, gintas knows how to combine all that sounds into fine beautiful and listenable fusion.