fenn o'berg: the return of fenn o'berg (mego)

Fenn O'Berg: Fennesz or Christian Fennesz, electroacoustic artist that release on mego. O comes from Jim O'Rourke, the incredible hiperproductive post-rock and improve almost classic artist that release on domino, drag city, moikai… and mego. And Rehberg is Peter Rehberg the owner of label mego that comes from Austria but release artists that does not need to be from there and that also does not need to have some particular concrete and defined sound that will be determination and definition of mego sound. From around that is more noisy and glitchy variation and improvisation in which sound territory you can put all three of this artists, and also FennO'Berg. Sound of FennO'Berg is sublimate of sound of all three artists that contains the project in which combination does not dominate any of each. Fantastic precision of glitch cut ups and glitch melodious is from fennesz, improvisation and acoustic parts are predetermined from the style of Jim O'Rourke and at last noise parts are from Rehberg. Whole combination in this creative intention is upgraded one level higher that makes this whole project more authentic in its sound and recognisable as their first album The Magic Sound Of FennO'Berg. Their sound is really that, potent sound in its whole expression. Raw combination of degraded classic music, displaced acoustic improvisations and a lots of noise. However it looks that this is the ideal combination for a superproject.