farben: textstar (klang elektronik)

Farben is Jan Jelinek when he release on ~scape, and Gramm when he release on Source. Also Jan Jelinek is Farben when he release on label Klang Elektronik. Farben or colour on german is poetic nick of Jan Jelinek that tells us the fact that he is more inspired from painting than from music. But we can not tell that for sure. Dub influences that are characteristic for labels such ~scape, Klang Elektronik, Source, and also Chain reaction and Basic channel, are evident with that difference that this incarnation of Jan Jelinek is more minimalistic and dubby techno with soft gentle basses that means more danceable. This is his first cd (other work by now is vinyl only) despite this is not regular official album but collection of tracks that were previously released as singles (Dramatics, Beautone, Raw Macro, Farben Says: Don't Fight Phrases). This is also one of those albums that contributes in dub revival that happens in today's contemporary electronic music, without difference is it techno, tech house, ambient or variation of all that. Deep sensual bass, elastic riffs of technofunk and microscopic clicks as smallest parts of sound. Warm basslines, jazz inspired rhythm with accent putted on glitchy percussion and gorgeous and sexy whispering female vocals that says: need a new haircut. Realy sexy!