fantasmagramma: ab (extrasensory)

Fantasmagramma is a pretty new and young band from Bologna, Italy, consisting of the two brothers, Marco and Francesco Leoci. 'AB' is the first album from the band, and also the first release on new London-based label 'Extrasensory'.
Immediatly 'AB' is reminding me of some of the best microsound I have heard. Like Noto's music, probably especially his 'Transform' album, and the collaboration between Carsten Nicolai and Ryoji Ikeda, 'Cyclo.'. 'AB' is indeed one of the best microsound albums I have heard in a while.
The music is definitely as minimal as the albumtitle. Though the music is very structured, like earlier mentioned albums, it's also more quiet. Like the music from Line. Kind of like other Italian band Z_E_L_L_E's debut album 'Nth', whom the brothers earlier have been performing with, in London, at the 'New Italian Futurists' arrangement, that was arranged by Extrasensory. Other artists performing was the talented arists, Mugen and Massimo. I can easily picture Fantasmagramma having future releases on labels such as Raster-Noton, Line, Ritornell and Staalplaat. No matter what label their next album will be released on, I am definitely looking forward to hearng, what their future releases will be like. Also future releases from Extrasensory.