dominique – more love now (dial)

when i heard first album of dominique i thought that this is one man project, but i made kind of mistake. actually it’s a band from berlin, kreuzberg to be more precise, which was founded by the australian artist and songwriter dominic eichler and its consisted of dave allen – acoustic guitar, ben clark – drums, paul davis – vocals and bass, dominic eichler – vocals and rhodes, michael lapuks – electric guitar, ninon liotet – vocals, anna stark – cello. their first lp speak to me was really often played on radio kanal 103 where i work so i was nearly sick of it. after 2 years here we have their second album. dial records usually releases house/deep house records, but u shouldn’t be amazed when u hear completely acoustic album, cause i already heard even more radical moves in sound in their releases. for example phillip sollmann release something is missing was completely drone release! that’s also not strange cause phillip sollmann also releases deep house sound on dial as efdemin. dominique on their second child offers really similar atmosphere like on their first one. evocative spoken word, lyrical guitars and minimal rhythm. dominique music seems to be about love. sometimes really sexy like on track ‘buds’, reminding u on some old french chanson or like poem that a boy sings under his lovers window and sometimes really pop like on ‘lad’ reminding u on some stereolab moments. sometimes sad, sometimes happy, sometimes boring, sometimes strange. and these are the feelings that you’ll get while listening to ‘more love now’. (td)