joseph auer - kyoto :: tokyo :: 2001 (rednetic)

not so long ago, i reviewed one compilation released on rednetica. well this is their third release in an ep format (even though there are 8 tracks) signed by joseph auer. rednetica is a label interested in experimental breakbeat electronics. so inevitably their compilation treats that sound. a combination between contemporary electronics, pop electronica, idm and break rhythms. however in this release everything is pretty different. joseph auer explores new territories in sound, by seizing a more housey oriented and straight forward rhythm spiced up with click n cut moments. very calm and subtle with deep bass lines, sharp glitchy patches and unexpected sounds. the dubby atmosphere and pleasant peaceful melodies are also included giving off a more delicate and contemporary impression. on the seventh track the break rhythm becomes noticable and this track stands out among the whole release, likewise in the sixth track you can recognize the early break phases. maybe it would have been better if the last two tracks hadnít been included on this release so that album could have passed as a whole. but on the other hand seeing as they arenít a typical break they can pass anyway. as breakbeat is quite passé now, this is surprisingly a really nice and fresh sounding release moving into the more contemporary streams. so, rednetic keep up with the good work!