artridge - finished soundtracks for unshot films (interlink)

this is a release that comes from my favorite city, berlin. as i read about this release it is something about new industrial or exactly 'contemporary industrial chamber music'. and as we know berlin is not a place where industrial regularly comes from this days. luckily this is not regular old school industrial music. robin pleil and christoph mainz were working in project arsenal. but in moments of futile discussions with fellow project members, about which directions the music should go, they decided to take things in their own hands and do things their own way. so they continued with working under name artridge. now their music is more soundtrackish oriented. whole release is starting with ten minute blend of drones, sound scapes, noise, contemporary industrial variations… in the rest of the album industrial influences are more visible. there are strict guitar parts and pure industrial moments… after that you can find some acoustic instrumentation, orchestration and contemporary classical moments, which of course i don't like! that style is totally passe, no matter if it is in context and in service of the cinematic and soundtrack feeling that is always present. you are into music and suddenly unnoticeable you'll be switched into movie. and the movie is your regular view. other part of the release is in sound design context, which counts track layering, looping, noise and further experimenting which sounds very nice, giving the meaning of the before mentioned phrase 'contemporary industrial chamber music'. it would be good if this is the main and the only one direction on the album. in that case soundtrack feeling will be lost which is good for the music, but from other side not for the soundtrack concept, which is the intention of the artists. at the end the title of the album tells everything about the music and define it in total.