[a]pendics shuffle - smooth hair (proptronix)

this is most cutest label known. its music is sweet as well as its owner (safety scissors). here we have their latest cute release signed by prolific artist with many aliases. kenneth james gibson works under name eight frozen modules and already have 2 releases on orthlong musork producing harsh sounds. under the premature wig he is trying deep house styles and under dubloaner and electronic music composer he built up his colorful discography on labels like planet mu, city slang, tigerbeat 6, force tracks and skor. and at the end under his alias [a]pendics shuffle he has released two well received 12"s on orac and narita. his new release under this alias on proptronix is his most balanced cut so far. various styles, influences and variations can be recognized and all that into proper recognizable proptronix production of course. opening 'infected drink funk' is pure proptronix bouncy funky track with vocal snips. recognizable proptronica sound continues with first tone of next track 'twit and a half'. mouse on mars reminiscence is here. 'wasted space' is another funky piece with prince style singing which confirms the funk once again. next is cologne techno piece 'prefusely mine' which except hard techno rhythm has some funky proptronix melodies, glitchy sounds and high pitched childish vocal samples. very nice straight rhythmic piece for dancefloor spinning. 'boobies bounce' is also dancefloor filler. a bit glitchy and cut up, a bit with break rhythm or even straight… 'summertime settlement' is around here in the rhythmic dancefloor orientation and contemporary funky melodies. 'towheaded tot' worthy closes the release as slow rhythmic piece with calm guitar, mellow melodies and buzzing sounds. very funky release with various influences implemented on highly contemporary way. its multifarious styling and many influences are mixed together into one equalized and extraordinary totality (that also function as totality very good). every proptronix release has its concept and story, so here its about the hair. funkyness concept and the story is also defined by funky design and styling done by slanginternational.org. by the way vinyl version has 2 tracks less.