luis ortiz [klitekture] 


- first please introduce yourself... tell us some basic info about you

I come from the canary islands, spain but I had my first contact with electronic music in dublin, Ireland 12 years ago. I have lived since then in London, Boston, Montana, Los Angeles and right now I live in Barcelona.

- you are running klitekture records. when and why did u start the label

I started klitekture records in november 2001 in Gran Canaria, Canary islands. After working with several collectives and labels for 10 years I felt it was time to start a project on my own. It was a very risky project at the time since it was one of the first if not the first minimal/experimental label in Spain.
Nowadays Klitekture is a known and respected label in Spain and in lots of places around the world and its a dream come true to release music that I love from myself and from artists that I admire like Sutekh, Mikael Stavostrand, Deadbeat and in the future Pep Gaya, Johan Skugge and Tomas Jirku.

- what is the meaning of klitekture

This has been the most common question people have asked me in the past years :-) I had to open a section in our website to explain the meaning of Klitekture and here it is: klitekture is composed by three different concepts: Kliks, techno, architecture/structure.
Klik: Sound of kliks, crackles, glitches and forced errors.
Techno: Main beat influence to produce experimental danceable minimalism.
Architecture/Structure: Innovation in programming structures and sound architecture.

- your label seems to release fresh electronic sound and presents new contemporary dance music. what can u say about your label... what sound does it release? whats the sound that klitekture is concentrated on... what's the concept behind

The sound we are aiming is minimal cookie, klicky and glitchy techno. The concept is to release good, modern and innovative techno minimalism.

- klitekture is label concentrated on vinyl as format for releasing music. why did u choose vinyl and what do you think about this format today in era when digital formats are more present

Vinyl is still very present at dancefloors but new formats like cds or mp3 and technologies like final scratch or ableton live are also coming up and we want to be present in all this digital formats to make our music flexible so it can be mixed and edited at everyones personal choice.

- what is your attitude about mp3 format and mp3 labels that are more and more present today and also about final scratch as technology connected to mp3 as format

Mp3 is a great format to promote music on the web since you are available to a great number of potential listeners with no barriers. We already offer mp3s in our website from our releases and soon we will be included on a website with a database of mp3 labels of good quality electronic music, in the near future we are also planning to start an mp3 label with more experimental stuff since you can make more limited releases at low production costs on this format.
Final scratch is a great but expensive tool that understands the mp3 concept and the club spirit. Now we can play a track made on the same day!

- you are also making music. under what names are you appearing and what styles do you cover

I use LOD to produce and reproduce minimal/experimental and Luis Ortiz for Hard techno. I must say that lately I have spent most of my time working and playing minimalism under LOD but this winter I will start working on harder stuff for a new sublabel from Klitekture and other labels also like upfront in barcelona under Luis Ortiz. I have another dub project and collaborations that will be released next year also.

- techno scene and techno as main dance music style is completely mainstreamised or i can freely say commetialised last couple of years. what is the reason of that process and whats your attitude about it

Thats really not a surprise in the material world we live today.
Unfortunately techno music has also been infected by this poison and music starts to sound all the same with little progression in the productions we hear lately.
Fortunately new concepts of techno like minimal nowadays are contributing to develop new sounds and structures in electronic music.
Hopefully other styles of techno will come in the future with fresh and new ideas to keep this music always interesting

- according to question before, what would be next big dance movement

I couldn't really tell. I have never thought on that.

- its evident that music is developing faster and faster. styles are getting commercial very quickly and getting boring even faster. what will happen with music in near and more far future if continue to progress so fast. what will be new styles that will appear

I think is great that technologies and musics are developed so fast lately. It is true thats some styles get really boring at a short time of their existence but fast progression will always give something positive and dynamic to music since possibilities and ideas increase.

- you are based in spain. whats going on there on music plan and in general on level of scene

Spain seem to be one of the biggest electronic scenes in the world but on the other hand there is not such a thing as a minimal scene. Therefore this genre is been growing very quickly in the past year, many festivals are including minimal rooms and others even specializing on this so I have good expectations for a future scene of minimal and good electronica in general . The production scene is also getting much better, we have received lots of great stuff and we will make a various artist compilation called 'minimal bullfighters' only with spanish artists to be released at beginnings of 2004.