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- first can you introduce yourself... something like short biography...

born 73 in essen, ruhrgebiet. i started music in bands, guitar / bass than i moved (after cologne) to berlin and started to work only in with and for music. to live on it - i am active in different kind of biz structures: making music, gutiar player, booking, promotion, label, consultant. i have too much to do but i am kind of liberated from major biz structures and i can overlive. my main projects are: meteosound label + dj/sound, bus on scape

- when and why did u start your label meteosound

in spring 2000 - first release (submission replay - the dub remixes) was out oct 2000 - so i do a 3 years anniversary 12" in october!

- what does meteosound means

meteo is the weather but whatever - it's a nice word. i like it.

- meteosound is evidently concentrated in presenting dub music. why dub music today, and what's new in it

i am just an addict and i can not help. dub is a word and it depends how u use it: production method, musical style, reggae music, dubbing the techno track. i like this art of production and i like this word that means 10 things ad nothing. dub whatever is for me a freestyle fusion between european club music, jamaican reggae, and the relationship between vocal and instrumental - fade in and fade out.

- you are also making music. what is the sound that you are concentrated on

bus is a dubby hiphop project releasing on scape an album in fall. i also do remixes and tracks alone between all styles. their can be a 4 to the floor aswell.

- what are music influences that can be recognized in your music… or maybe those that cant be recognized. also can u name some non musical or ideological influences that your music is in correlation with

puh - i had maybe 3-4 basic influences. the punk area i don't need to mention. but captain beefheart showed me that the heart is the most important thing and that we are quite free in music (not like adorno said :-) - than this whole reggae world showed me again how sweetness and pop can combine sadness, struggle and holding up ideas.i really love reggae music sugar minott, king jammy, scientists, barrington levy, flabba hold and this stuff. this music is just proud and out of some rules. than at least in berlin i acknowledge this dub techno scene between rhythm and sound, pole, thomas fehlmann, monolake. this is the today possible sound. in the moment my man is jaydee and slumvillage from detroit, hiphop style with a new taste. i just made a show with dabrye this was great stuff.

- do you have some particular label that is example in running yours and that have made influence in your label principles

maybe more like: i respect this and that but i want to work different. i dislike for my own style the techno biz with all this side projects labels and names- i will never found a new side label because i have now 10 bpm less, if you know what i mean. i love reggae biz with this countless releases, fast spots and this stuff. but i also like labels that deal different and have concepts that lead us into new music like scape with jan jelinek, is a good example. but i can choose more from the heart than under the concept. but i also do not really live on my label. so be aware of my answers ---

- can you explain the process of dub revival that is happening last years on the scene manifested thru fusioning of dub with new styles of contemporary electronic music whether techno, house, ambient… is there any deeper scene reason in that

too many answers. in berlin these scenes are not really connected. but i am someone who jumps around and so i know a lot here- i think a lot of people do music in berlin because it has just this structure now and state. a new capitol after london in europe. that is important and stands for dub or indie or techno. no matter-

- berlin scene is most developed scene in contemporary electronic music and i can freely say its center of the scene. what's going on at berlin scene today and what are reasons of that process according to you

same as above - i can go ahead and mix the scenes... ha.

- what is most interesting thing that is happening on the scene today according to you. some process, artist, style...

i go into this fusion of electronic with more soulful music like i do myself with bus on scape. and i also like the party idea. i like to mix it up. on a good techno party i can sit on the second floor and spin some jamaican 7", deadbeat and jaydee - and people like it - that's good. i like the biz developments and that the world looks into berlin, that helps a lot.

best daniel