andrew duke
Andrew Duke has been recording, producing, remixing, and performing since 1987; he is based in Halifax NS Canada. Wrote The Wire (UK, September 2002): "Andrew Duke creates electronic music that sounds like it has a reason for living". Duke has been writing about music since 1981; he has produced events and at Cognition Sound, plus hosted Andrew Duke's In The Mix (weekly show; syndicated at one point to over 5 million listeners worldwide) since 1987. After operating Incognito Musique and Digitalis Recordings (1987-1990), he formed Cognition Audioworks in 1990 to release electronic and experimental music. Cognition Audioworks' online home is the Cognition site: (an "essential" website [The Wire, UK, October 2000]). As a music judge, Duke has been a member of the jury for Canada's Junos (2001, 2000), Indies (2001), and DJ Olympics (1998-2002).

discography (selected):

future: Take Nothing For Granted (Acid Fake, Macedonia), Consumer Versus User (Phthalo, USA), We Owe Roland (pHinnMilk, Finland); 2002: Highest Common Denominator (Piehead, Canada), More Destructive Than Organized (Bake/Staalplaat, The Netherlands), 74'02 (split album with Hypo) (Tsunami Addiction, France), Physical and Mental Health (Dial, USA), Sprung (Bip-Hop, France); 2001: Sit/Stand: Live Humidity; 1996: Ginga; 1995: Numeric; 1994: Ashes and Ceremony; 1993: Drowning In Oxygen and Communion (all Cognition Audioworks).

future: "Who Is John Galt?" (Acid Fake, Macedonia); 2001: "09X90", 2000: "Erosion", 1996: "Orchestral Suite for 707, 727, & Strings"; 1995: "RZ Tracks"; 1994: "Schotoma" and "Lucidril" (all Cognition Audioworks).

compilation appearances:
future: Pop Life Vol. 16: Extension of Electro: White Spaces Converge (Contact, Japan), Now/ that's; (what) I [call. {nothing! (souRce research, UK), Anomalous Silencer no.6 (Napalmed, Czech Republic), A Tribute To Floyd (TV5, Norway), Looping Spork Part 2 (Tuningspork, USA), Soundtoys Vol. 2 (Bip-Hop, France), CTNERMX Vol. 1 and CTNERMX Vol. 2 (both pHinnMilk, Finland), Star6_789 Part 2 (Centuries, Macedonia), The Last Slice (Piehead, Canada), Stars From Worthy Skies (Worthy, Canada), and yet-to-be-titled compilations on Contexterrior (USA), Syntezatory (Poland), Chmafu Nocords (Austria), Sfeericle (Canada), Palsecam (Poland), and 12times50 (UK); 2002: Installment: 05 (Masstransfer, USA), Music Industry Association Of Nova Scotia (MIANS, Canada), 45 Seconds of: (Simballrecs, USA), Waveforms: Halifax Electronic Music (Cognition Audioworks), File Sharing (12times50, UK), Compilation 002 (Acid Fake, Macedonia), Lambda (Megahertz, Germany), Halifax Pop Explosion (HPX, Canada), Bip-Hop Generation v.5 (Bip-Hop, France), Unseen.A Worthy Compilation (Worthy, Canada); 2001: Integral Components (Component, USA), Looping Spork Part 1 (Tuningspork, USA), NSCAD 2001: Sound Compilation (NSCAD, Canada); 2000: Nightwaves: Compilation Vol. 1 (Eleven Wave, Canada), Halifax Experimental Music Festival (PA, Canada); 1999: East (Impulse To Injury, Canada) and Halifax Experimental Music Festival (PA, Canada); 1995: Digital Sects Volume 2 (Matrix, USA); 1994: Surreal Sound Vol 4 (Surreal Sound, Belgium) and LVXVRIA II (Enlightenment, UK); 1993: Collection 3; 1992: Collection 2; 1991: Collection 1 (all Cognition Audioworks).

future: The Architect, The Dismemberment Plan, The Doors, Drexciya, Gary Flanagan, Marufura Fufunjiru, Jay Hamilton, Massaccesi, O.S.T., Phonopsia, and Lukasz Szalankiewicz; 2002: Aaliyah, The Blameshifter, Chicks On Speed, Club Telex Noise Ensemble, Mister Nobu, Lederhosen Lucil, Pink Floyd

future: Mike Donovan, Lederhosen Lucil, Massaccesi, Neutral, O.S.T., Psychosomatic Climax Machine, and Lukasz Szalankiewicz; 2002: Building Castles Out Of Matchsticks, Kim Cascone, Dalglish, I8U, and Polmo Polpo; 2001: Monolake

future: scoring film, title tbd (Director: Sobaz Benjamin); past: recordings for theatre, film, and radio advertisements

audio installations:
material featured at Signal & Noise 2002: Festival of Video & Sound (Video In, Vancouver, 2002)