acid fake_01

blissett 317 - 16-the sound (fi)
hermit - magizdat (ca)
deepgrave - bouncyyy (us)
sound_00 - sound_04 (mk)
kloroform - III years (dk)
palsecam [zenial] - osama (pl)
alter breitenbach - killl a raver (br)
blut - krisp (de)
.g.a - ftmcomp (at)
marufura fufunjiru - encoded love letter (at)
horror media - brutality and hate power (br)
das fleisch [bka] - liebestod (at)
groyxo - rmx/grx/zsg (jp)

2002 acid fake recordings acdfake001

order via acid fake. acid fake_01 is also distributed through: pale_mother, structural suffering, amanita. special limited edition of acid fake_01 with different cover and bonus video will be distributed through: chmafu nocords. now also available through acid fake and pale_mother