2012-08-27 Jeremy Selanadded ChangeLog v1.0_r2
2012-08-27 Jeremy Selanmoved arri luts into subdir
2012-08-27 Jeremy Selanmoved adx luts into unbuild subdir
2012-08-27 Jeremy Selanaces updated to v0.1.1 RRT/ODTs
2012-08-27 Jeremy Selansony slog updates
2012-03-26 Jeremy Selanadded OCIO config that requires 1.0.3
2012-03-26 Jeremy Selanaces: updated rrt for dcdm and rec709
2012-03-20 Jeremy Selanaces: added f65
2012-03-19 Jeremy Selanupdated example path
2012-03-19 Jeremy Selaniif: renamed config to aces. added rrt 3dlut generation...
2012-03-16 Jeremy Selaniif: added arri alexa logc, ei800 v1.0_r1
2012-03-16 Jeremy Selaniif: updated adx
2012-03-16 Jeremy Selaniif: rearranged colorspace order
2012-03-16 Jeremy Selaniif: added slog10
2012-03-15 Jeremy Selaniif: updated to ut33 rrt
2012-02-28 Jeremy Selannuke-default: added sRGBf colorspace. Matches sRGB...
2012-02-01 Kaz Tanakaadded xyz16 color space
2012-01-30 Kaz TanakaSpImport now loads version 2
2012-01-11 Jeremy Selannuke_default:updated linear gpu allocations to use...
2012-01-10 Jeremy Selanspi-anim: Added experimental lnf->aces conversion
2012-01-10 Jeremy Selanadded ut2 RRT ctl
2011-10-25 Jeremy Selanadded readme
2011-10-25 Jeremy SelanIIF config updated to ut11 rrt specification
2011-09-09 Jeremy Selanupdated to 1.0 format v1.0_r0
2011-09-09 Jeremy Selannuke-default gets generation script
2011-08-02 Jeremy Selannuke-default changed default view to srgb
2011-08-02 Jeremy Selannuke-default profile updated to match Nuke 6.3
2011-07-30 Jeremy Selanupon further consideration, renamed profiles back to...
2011-07-30 Joseph Slomkaupdated and simplified the configurations
2011-07-22 Jeremy Selaninitial commit v0.7_r0