born in beuel, germany
latin proficiency certificate
apprenticeship in hotel-business. studies of law, biology, philosophy, literature, linguistics, culture history, european ethnologie, fine arts, cultural sciences.
travels in eastern and western europe and caribics. extended travels and sojourns in france, italy, spain, cuba, jamaica, sweden, slovenia, austria, croatia

based in berlin since 1991

fields of activity

grafics and etching; painting; photography (large size, camera obscura); sculpture; building of flutes; equitation; installation; programming (perl, max/msp, pd); jew's harp; html, css, php; basics of director; digital image-, sound-, video-editing; qi gong; cooking; soldering; organization, coordination, supervision of projects; press (radio, printmedia); teaching; renovation of old buildings; gardening; network- and server-administration; travelling; networking..

since 1997 - collaborative radio-broadcasts/internetstreamings in international contexts

since 1998 - regular teaching (workshops and seminaries, internet and mixed media) at scientific center for social research berlin ( (til 2000) and at academy of fine-arts berlin, workshops for different institutions and schools, workshops in the frame of artistic projects

1998-2006 system administration for interflugs-server and -network at academy of fine arts berlin

since 2001 - hotel lebuser (private residence and cultural exchange initiative)

ongoing work on performative events with the focus on practical communication-research (visual arts, performance, socio-cultural interventions, new media, networking)

coinitiator of XLR in 1997
member of group 42 (international research group: women and technic in socio-cultural context with artist, scientist, musician, new media people, sociologist, art historician, dramaturg, media manager) since foundation 1998
educational work with women&technic in international context

... selected youth projects...

april-june 2009
ich sehe was, was du nicht siehst - die visionäre vom mehringplatz (i see something that you don't see) /in collaboration with galilei elementary school berlin-kreuzberg / markus schega and geschichtenhaus / katja virkus, supported by kulturprojekte berlin
a 3 month project on visions and visionaries
with 45 degree5- and degree6 pupils from galilei elementary school and 6 degree9 pupils from john lennon secondary school berlin, 9 nationalities


differenz maschine /symposion 'bildung für europa', cultural vocational training akademie schloss rotenfels (landesbildungsakademie)
workshop on the topics of intercultural exchange
with degree9 pupils of friedrich magnus ghs (hauptschule) stutensee, 7 nationalities
assistance: stephan doepner (f18)
(concept, workshop, presentation)

Grenzen /in the frame of 'kinder machen kunst mit medien' (
multimedia research laboratory
with the class 4a at picasso elementary school
assistance: gato leiras (arg)
(concept, project management, workshop, performative presentation event, documentation, website)

... selected group/network projects...

december 2010
danes festival, maribor, slovenia
extreme flute - demonstration/presentation, workshop

expanded cirkulacija2 at pixxelpoint, nova gorica, slovenia
festival-long work in progress, performance
flute, monochord, sounds

august 2010
electropera hexpo, AVAMAA festival, mooste, estonia
invited by egon march institute

collaborative performance (lara dau vieira(br) - dance, marko kosnik(slo) - voice, andreas leo findeisen(at) - text, michael saup(de) - saz/electronics, monika glahn(de) - flute/electronics)

july 2010
cirkulacija2, sajeta festival, tolmin, slovenia
festival-long work in progress, performance
video installation, live video, flute, cooking
supported by goethe institut

may 2010
electropera act 3: operabil tomar, polytechnico de tomar, abrantes, portugal
performance-lecture (cinema in the head) in the frame of the project:
some basic questions of time based media, collaborative projects, alternative strategies of artistic production
produced by egon march institute for X-op events in portugal

jan 2009
parahouse_12 / Act 1 of Electropera
self evolving participatory environment
by egon march institute & partner productions
projection/installation, participation in organization

may 2002
shadowcasters/exodos, 8th festival of contemporary performing arts, ljubljana
project of boris bakal, pina siotto, katarina pejovic
polymedia voyage
supervision; webworkshop in the frame of the project

sept 2001
THEoTHEa /'towards new theatre in south-eastern europe', symposion in the frame of bitef, belgrad
projekt of egon march institute
media-opera, in collaboration with the group 'teoria koja hoda' (walking theory)/misko suvakovic

nov 2000
somniarium /kapelica gallery, ljubljana
project of '42'
10 days work-in-progress-project about dreams and translation (9 women and jogi)

international festival of self organizing cultural forms /ljubljana, maribor, koper
invited by egon march institute
3 weeks of workshops, lectures, concerts, performances, exhibitions with about 100 international artists (2/3 balkan rest from the "west")
(preparation, webmaster, coordination-team, assistance to production)

sept 1999
welcome to transbabel /net_condition, steirischer herbst, graz
project of '42'
4 week work-in-progress-project in 'real' and 'virtual' space on the topics of translation (9 women and jogi)

feb 1999
'The Sound of Planets colliding on Dark Nights in Distant Galaxies' /forum stadtpark, graz
projekt of 42

sept 1998
zeramulix /ars electronica 98, linz
collective sound-radio-performance between concert and programming, streamed from different places in europe with musicians and other human beings collaborating via internet as well as in the different locations
(presented in the openX - xchange-program, international meeting of webradios and activists)

june 1998
dioram /berlin (international meeting of webradios and activists)
collective performance with 2 streaming stations in neighbouring rooms in berlin (liveshow with international artists) and 5 stations around the world...
(concept, production, organisation, coordination of the dioram-event)

'The Sound of Planets colliding on Dark Nights in Distant Galaxies'
project of 42 / amsterdam/berlin/graz/ljubljana
experimental audio-video project:
common sound-performance via internet of 4 stations in 4 cities, improvised composition, in the meantime each group filmed in its place. after a meeting in ljubljana and common creation of the video with the recorded sound- and video material.
( video)

oct/nov 1997
participation in 'parahouse'/ ostranenie'97, dessau
project of egon march institute
(interactive systems - mediaopera: "triggers are collected from specific rooms of the house (Kietz cultural center) and treated as initialisations or influences for the real-time generated media events, which are the feedback for the observers" (marko kosnik).
together with christian vanderborght video-streaming-part of the project. webmaster

aug 1997
XLR-project /ministry of experiment, ljubljana
10 days of 6h per night live-radio via fm and internet, last 5 days from kapelica gallery 2-way-real-streams connecting people in different cities in germany and ljubljana, musicians dj's performers collaborating via internet

foundation of 'metaflux', web-based art-projects
(conceptual framework, providing of technical support and facilities, initiating of events, invitation and coordination of local and remote participants, grafics, webpages)

interflugs - organization of artist talks, academy of fine arts, berlin
(workshops, lectures, hosting of international artists, webpages)

practical studies of art in society in the K77-project (VereinigteVarbenWawavox, Stilkamm5 1/2 e.V., berlin) - squatting as art? (for 3 years activists in the projects/socio -political performanceart)