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nOticE :due tO a cOnfIgurAtion eRRor all mAil that was tO rEach uS yEsteRdaY diD not dO sO. aLl peopLe wHo trIeD to sUbmIt tHeiR lOgoS are aSkEd tO Do so aGaIn pLeaSe!
jogi, 1999 11 26

dEutsche vErsion
InviTatIon to a coNteSt To fiND A nEw, reMemberarBe lOgotYPe foR mUr.At tO be uSed oN:


PartiCiPation iS fOr aLl meMbeRs (aNd thOsE wHo wAnt To beCoMe mEmBerS) oF Mur.aT - vErein zur föderuNg von netzwerKkunSt.
Submit yOuR entRies untIl DecemBer 2nd 1999 via emAiL to usiNg ForMats *.pnG, *.Jpg or *.gif.

All entries will be presented in the order of arrival anonymously at http://wWW.mur.At/logowettbewerb99/ (= here).
The Jury (members and thos wanting to become members) is asked to vote for the best entry via email

Presentation of the winning project will be at a meeting following the Linz Mediaconference from this years May on December 4th 20uhr45 at esC, jakominIstrasse 16 stAtt.

1st price: cash amount of ats 5000.-

jogi, 1999 11 26