Following a list of books

which may be interesting for investigating the story and politics of radio. the list is by no way complete; i'll update it when i find time to type.

John L. Baker: Farm Broadcasting. Iowa State University Press, Ames 1981 (about farm radio in the states starting in the 20ies; and a short story of the radio with some not so known details)

Mike Baron: Independent Radio. Lavenham/Suffolk 1975 (about the history of radio caroline and the commercial broadcasting in the uk)

Claude Collin: Hört die anderen Wellen. Berlin 1980. (about the free/pirate radio verte fessenheim and other stations in the 70ies; there also was a french edition of the text)

Klemens Gruber: Die zerstreute Avantgarde. Wien/Köln 1989 (very good book about radio alice)

Michael G. Keith: The Radio Station. Boston/Oxford 1997 (manual for running a station)

Susan Krieger: Hip Capitalism. Beverly Hills/London 1981 (radios in LA)

Keith Skyes: Radio Onederland. Lavenham/Suffolk (about commercial offshore-stations in the 60ies/70ies)

Zeke Teflon: The Complete Manual of Pirate Radio. Sea Sharp Press, Tucson, Arizona, 1993 (basics how to run a pirate station with legal and technical security precautions; how to build transmitters; more literature)

John Venmore-Rowland: Radio Caroline. Lavenham/Suffolk

Llewellyn White: The american Radio. A report on the broadcasting industry in the United States. New York 1971

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